Tuesday, August 16, 2011

So I'm hanging out on my front steps with my laptop and my dog. The weather is awesome right now. Today was a pretty solid day of training. Yes, I say solid a lot, all the time, I know, haha. I started with a run, back to the roadwork, no treadmill today. I ran just under a mile and a half or so, I picked up the pace today though a little more than usual. I got back home and went right to the basement to work some legs. Got some sumo squats going, body weight squats, followed by short pumps, and some static lunges. Got in some adduction exercises to help me close up my triangles. I also did some stability ball leg curls. I worked on my kicks just for a bit, and did some work on my muay thai blocks. I'm putting in some work on blocking my opponents kicks. It was a really good workout today though, I got a good sweat going. Tomorrow is gonna be a great training day as well, I'm training muay thai with my coach, Anthony Demaio. I can't wait! Everyday of training completed is one step closer to the ultimate goal. I'm pumped more and more everyday! So I thank you all once again for taking your time to read my blog, and if you have a facebook please click the link below and 'like' my page. You guys are great and I appreciate your continued support!

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